Our work

We have team of professionals

We have distinguished ourselves with the amazing beekeeping process.

To ensure a high production of honey, we have employed the professional beekeepers. Our beekeepers know the way to manage the healthy honeybee colonies. They play an important role in pollination and honey production.

Our beekeepers provide supplemental feeding to the colony to increase the honey production. Moreover, they have knowledge of the nectar flows. They can identify the crops, providing pollen and nectar for honeybees. Our beekeepers use bee veil, hive tool and smoker for manipulating the colonies. They can create beehive, looking as the natural bees nest.

Honey harvesting- Our beekeepers know the tricks and technique for harvesting honey. They harvest the honey without affecting the colonies.

They find the right location to make their honey harvesting process successful. Moreover, season is one of the factors for this harvesting solution. The professionals use a bee escape, a tunnel, preventing the bees from returning into the honey supers.

Extracting the honey to pack it in bottle

After harvesting the capped honey frames, we uncap it for taking the honey out of it. We use centrifugal force to make this process faster. We have invested on the best quality equipment for this process.

While the extraction is over, we get something more than honey.

We find propolis, beeswax, and bee parts. However, our team filter out the honey to strain it and pour it into bottles. We distribute the honey with a clear labelling on the bottles.