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How Vape Juice Differs?

If you are into vaping, you must be knowing that ELiquid Depot is the leading manufacturer of quality vape juice and leader in selling vape device, its accessories, as well as a diverse range of e-juices from other brands.


ELiquid Depot sells premixed vape juice while those who are looking for complete custom solution, they should find out sellers who can give you the choice to place your e-liquid order with the right type and level of the base liquid.


With those sellers, the advantage is you can select the type of base liquid you want from the dropdown list. If you want only organic and natural vegetable glycerin base, you should choose a VG based e-liquid. It is important to note that this company offers VG based and PG-free liquids. Both types of liquids may seem the same thing, but the difference is that a VG based vaping juice may have a small amount of PG base. The PG base is generally 5-20 percent of the total mixture. If you want a completely organic and PG-free e-liquid, go through its PG free e-liquid section. If you create your own combination, you still can have more than 100 different flavors of e-liquids to select.


If you are wondering, how these flavors are made? The flavor of a farm produce is obtained through a complex process. A lot of that produce is crushed and put through different processes to extract the concentrated flavor. It is this flavor that is used in the making of e-liquids.


On the other hand, an artificial flavor is created in the laboratory using chemical compounds. Researchers and scientists have found the chemical compounds of many flavors. These chemical compounds are used to create the desired flavor. It is these artificial flavors that are used in e-liquids. If you are sensitive to artificial flavors and do not want them in the vape liquids, you should choose only natural and organic e-juices.


The other problem with artificial flavoring is that artificial color may also be used to make the end product look like the same color as the original farm produce. For example, when you buy a strawberry flavor e-liquid, it may contain an artificial coloring agent that gives it a color tint that looks similar to the one you see in strawberries. Even though the color is food grade, it is not desirable if you are looking for completely natural e-liquid.


There are companies out there, who does not use any type of artificial color in its e-liquids. In fact, it does not use even the FDA approved food grade artificial colors. The company gives you complete freedom and flexibility to choose the base you want in your vaping juice. If you pick a company which is offering custom solution, you will have options to make more than 300 types of e-liquids. Many of them are made with completely organic ingredients. Take a look at its organic e-juices and buy the ones that meet your specific vaping needs and preferences.

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